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This week, there’s an open letter circulating, calling for Eloquence to be made available on the HIMS SensePlayer. If you agree and want to add your signature, you can sign it here. Would you like to see Eloquence added to SensePlayer? If you’ve considered buying one but have been holding back, would it be enough for you to commit to a purchase? Let us know your thoughts.

The audio hardware I’m demonstrating this week is so solid and beautifully constructed, the manufacturer has a video on their website of a car running over the device and it still working afterwards. I’m introducing you to PortCaster, a pocket-sized premium battery-powered audio interface and recorder. This is a premium product constructed from high-quality components. Best of all, it has no menus and no screen, so it’s all knobs and switches and highly accessible. After I explain and demonstrate PortCaster, I’ll be joined by Michael Goodman, the founder and CEO of Centrance, which makes this device.

We’ll be chatting more about iOS 17, Be My AI, and Google Home.

All this and much more in Living Blindfully 253.