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In last week’s gripping, enthralling, and frustrating edition of the Apple Podcasts Connectgate saga, Apple tried to claim that the inaccessibility of this premium feature is everyone else’s fault, and I pushed back. Apple has now responded to that pushback and I’ll bring you up to date.

Remember the days when there used to be this thing called customer service that companies took pride in? See, now I am really showing my age! If you’ve ever had something go wrong with Uber, you’ll know it isn’t always easy to get it remedied. A listener describes a couple of frustrating incidents and his determination to get Uber to own the problem. What has your experience been like getting a resolution from Uber when things have gone wrong? Do get in touch and be a part of the conversation.

I’m pleased that people have recognised this podcast as a good place to discuss issues unique to blind hearing aid wearers. A couple of listeners contribute on that subject this week. Plus, a listener poses a very good question. Why do we not call out very noisy places as inaccessible?

Andrew Leland is going blind. He has been going blind for quite a while now, and has been writing about it. What he has written is now available in a book I highly recommend, called “The Country of the Blind”. Andrew joins me this week to talk about this captivating read, a read I would recommend to anyone facing sight loss.

All this and much more in episode 240 of Living Blindfully.