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This week, it’s a longer episode than usual, and it’s all about Drafts. It’s developer, Greg Pierce, describes Drafts as “the place where text starts”. That’s a great little slogan. You can use Drafts as a basic note taking app if you want, but dig beneath the surface just a little, and you’ll discover a powerful way to organise material into workspaces, create links between documents, and interact right from Drafts with many other services, including Chat GPT, Mastodon, Google and WordPress. It’s phenomenally powerful, and accessible. Drafts can be used on iOS, iPadOS, Mac and Apple Watch. There’s a web-based tool as well for input, meaning you can use a Windows-based web browser to get content into the app if you want. We’ll be focussing for the most part on iOS in this episode.

I’ll speak with the creator of Drafts, Greg Pierce. Greg is one of those independent developers who updates his app frequently, is responsive to user feedback and cares about accessibility. We’ll talk about Drafts and what it can do.

I’ll then go into a comprehensive demonstration of Drafts, so you can understand how you might use it and whether it’s something that could make your iPhone an even more powerful content creation tool.

WenWei Fisher also joins us to talk about the way she uses Drafts.

It’s all in episode 238 of Living Blindfully.