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Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.

A resounding New Zealand election win for Jacinda Ardern’s Labour Party,[2:15]
Feedback on various Apple issues,[10:31]
Who wants a self-driving car? Still me me me!,[28:01]
Education experiences,[35:54]
Thoughts on open source software and Narrator’s capabilities,[42:04]
Thoughts on various issues,[44:38]
Voting in Australia,[52:31]
Hints for working effectively with online courses,[54:08]
1Password thoughts and questions,[1:01:50]
The International Council on English Braille general assembly,[1:08:40]
A brief look at Microsoft’s new Surface Laptop Go,[1:21:59]
Thoughts on various issues from recent episodes,[1:30:32]
The things sighted people think we can do,[1:40:26]
How accessible is iCloud for Windows?,[1:41:23]
What’s a good wireless microphone/headset for the computer?,[1:45:23]