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Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.

Defending blind pride. It seems ableism counts as stand-up comedy,[2:15]
Listening to Internet radio on a fire TV stick,[8:38]
The Charlotte Podcast Festival offers free webinars on podcasting,[11:21]
Connecting my guitar to my iPhone,[14:16]
Constructing a network diagram when you’re blind,[17:15]
Many more thoughts on educating blind children,[17:52]
Why have so many radio stations including Mushroom FM vanished from Apple Music?,[57:59]
Use of words, iPhone cases and education,[1:02:07]
Feedback on Apple’s new software releases,[1:07:37]
Using the Apple Watch,[1:21:53]
In defence of iPhone cases,[1:31:44]
Is anyone using the Envision Smart Glasses in their daily life?,[1:34:34]
What’s wrong with Apple Podcasts?,[1:37:50]
The Bonnie Bulletin,[1:43:41]
Extra episode coming all about Speakers,[1:48:05]
Closing announcement,[1:49:46]