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Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.

Reporting back on the Bose Portable Smart Speaker performance,[2:15]
What to expect at Apple’s next big event,[6:22]
Congressional report slams four big tech companies,[13:35]
Who wants a self-driving car? Me me me!,[26:42]
More thoughts on education,[41:45]
iPhone online busking,[57:46]
Assisted dying referendum in New Zealand,[59:09]
Is Narrator ready for daily use?,[1:06:33]
Audio apps for the PC. Switch Sound File Converter and Studio Recorder,[1:10:17]
What’s a good microphone for the Victor Reader Stream?,[1:13:02]
Striving for success,[1:18:45]
Memories of Clark and Smith talking book machines,[1:21:41]
Podcast apps,[1:24:46]
Does education level help with success?,[1:25:23]
In praise of Ubiquiti equipment,[1:27:17]
Thoughts on iOS, audiobooks and education,[1:30:53]
Dolby Atmos,[1:36:11]
A little business that went the extra mile,[1:40:04]
A Bluetooth speaker recommendation,[1:42:09]
Never mind self-driving cars. Some people think blind people are already driving,[1:43:42]
How often should I reformat my hard drive?,[1:47:52]
Talking news papers on your smartphone and AmazonEcho,[1:50:11]
Thoughts onEnvision,[1:54:03]
Closing announcement,[1:56:44]