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Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.

We’ll be here with another Apple event special,[2:15]
Listeners in the UK can now only hear UK radio stations onTuneIn,[5:53]
Voting blind,[27:14]
Remembering Charlie Crawford,[57:10]
More thoughts on Audiobooks,[1:12:45]
How do you make Apple watch tell taptic time reliably?,[1:29:50]
Looking for Bluetooth speaker recommendations,[1:32:19]
Voting in Australia and Bluetooth speaker recommendation,[1:35:16]
responses on learning Braille as an adult,[1:37:45]
How to interface with and learn Reaper,[1:45:02]
Congratulations to the winner of our giveaway,[2:04:59]
Smart home questions,[2:06:09]
I like the Orbit Writer,[2:12:51]
Email marketing and a microphone recommendation,[2:13:59]
Closing announcement,[2:18:38]