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Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.

Welcome Indiana,[0:00]

Be my Eyes and Envision embrace Chat GPT,[2:00]

Optima is an exciting new product set for next year,[13:04]


Windows podcast players and twitter,[28:06]

Scanner/Printer combo,[34:26]

The difficulty getting Braille manuals for Braille embossers,[35:29]

Questions about the new Bing,[39:56]


Eleven Labs,[42:34]

Ad blockers,[50:41]

Braille display recommendations,[53:06]

Survey on accessible poker,[1:02:56]. Complete the survey at

The Castro podcast app has become less accessible,[1:04:44]

Comments on Sense Player and similar devices,[1:14:35]

iOS 16 bugs,[1:52:50]

Closing and contact info,[2:00:57]