Kia ora Mosen At Largers.

If you’re an audio geek, a podcasting geek, or someone who would love to start
your own podcast, this episode is for you.

Here’s what’s in store for you this week.


Comparison of podcast hosting companies,[2:15]

Services mentioned in this section: Libsyn,
Anchor, Podbean,
SoundCloud, Buzzsprout,
Captivate, Transistor,
Simplecast, Castos, and my
favourite podcast host of the moment and new home for Mosen At Large,

I also made mention of the Auphonic post-production
service, and Rev for podcast transcriptions.

If you’d like to take Pinecast for a spin, use my referral code to get a 40%
discount for your first four months and help out with the costs of running Mosen
At Large at the same time. The code is:


Matt Basta, founder of our new podcast host Pinecast,[34:28]

Podcasting questions,[1:08:03]

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