Kia ora Mosen At Largers. It’s wonderful to be back again with another week of news and views. Thanks for making this such a great community.

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Opening and contact info,[0:00].000

Receive announcements about Mosen At Large via email. Send a blank email to ,[1:43].614

Follow-up on issues raised in our Sonos Arc podcast,[4:24].799

A mini review of our new Ubiquiti Unifi network at Mosen Towers,[11:04].013

My top 10 wish list for iOS 14 and some listener views,[22:16].358

More thoughts on whether people would take sight if it were offered,[51:51].056

Questions about Zoom,[1:09:26].147

Exercise equipment recommendations,[1:12:59].297

Using a GPS app to make location-specific notes,[1:13:59].692

Good experience with the Google Docs mobile app,[1:15:12].316

Pocketcasts is a cross-platform podcast app,[1:17:28].403

Reddit apps for iOS. Join the Dystopia for Reddit Testflight beta. ,[1:19:49].379

iOS Bluetooth keyboard recommendations wanted,[1:23:05].241

The case for wireless charging,[1:28:48].251

Demonstration of the benefits of using an audio mixer,[1:30:06].968

The Tiffany Report looks at Microsoft Teams,[1:37:39].168

The Bonnie Bulletin is blasting!,[1:42:53].513

Too book recommendations,[1:44:29].686

More iOS 14 wishes,[1:46:26].144

How are people digitising their cassettes these days?,[1:47:14].114

More feedback on Microsoft Teams,[1:48:58].806

iOS 14 wishes,[1:50:52].594

Use this app in the COVID-19 era to cheer from afar,[1:52:10].021