Kia ora koutou Mosen At Largers. We are prolific just at the moment and here is our second podcast episode of the weekend. Here’s a summary of what you can hear and when you can hear it. Remember also that if you use a podcast app that supports chapters, you can easily navigate between these sections.

Introduction and contact info,[0:00].000

COVID-19 in New Zealand,[2:15].631

The Mosen At large Podcast is ready for WWDC. Are you?,[4:26].533

I have the latest Windows 10 update and Narrator keeps getting better and better,[8:01].792

Robin and Jonathan tell us what’s in their Apple Watch dock. What is in yours?,[10:35].832

What’s the difference between a mixer and an audio interface?,[30:24].019

Thoughts on Braille displays and notetakers,[33:23].887

The Bonnie Bulletin begins with predictions,[40:50].869

Bonnie chimes in on our new Samsung smart TV reviewed in episode 43,[43:27].896

Tidal plays some music in Dolby Atmos but not from Sonos directly,[46:11].845

iOS 14 wish list,[47:33].994

My favourite podcast app for iOS Castro just got a lot of new Siri smarts,[50:11].516

Castro’s chapter support,[1:11:37].773

Preparing for experimental sight restoration surgery,[1:13:49].716

JAWS 2020 introduces a feature to overcome problems with many laptop Windows audio drivers,[1:19:28].470

The Tiffany Report on Braille Screen Input problems,[1:26:49].812

Praise for the new Microsoft Edge,[1:30:28].732

Closing announcement,[1:32:03].734

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