Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.
Welcome to 285 [0:00]
Something you should know about the PhonakTV Connect [3:07]
Travelling on airlines when you’re blind [11:48]
Microsoft Natural Voices for SAPI 5 [31:02]
Check out the project here

The VictorReader Stream 3 [33:08]
ID.ME [40:16]
Cochlea implants, Android, and readers [42:16]
Accessibility issues on the ElevenLabs website [44:31]
No one should subscribe to Voice DreamReader [45:52]
New Windows ARM computers [48:36]
Glen Gordon from Vispero discusses JAWS and ARM processors [57:21]
An update on Instacart [1:24:45]
AI and how it got me in trouble at work [1:27:05]
Missing phone calls on my iPhone [1:34:15]
Google doesn’t seem committed to accessibility [1:35:08]
using IntelliJ as a blind person [1:39:04]
The Rabbit R1 isn’t accessible [1:40:29]
iOS poor performance in Safari [1:47:54]
Mantis carrying cases and Instacart accessibility [1:50:24]
Thoughts on Glide [1:54:14]
The Myriad broadcasting software [1:56:18]
What was that thing you were talking to? [1:57:46]
Closing and contact info [1:58:42]