In this week’s show:

Opening and contact info,[0:00].000

COVID-19 in New Zealand,[2:15].595

The audio described Atmos problem is just the tip of the iceberg and it needs to be addressed,[3:00].633. To read more about this read my blog post, Atmos Fear.

Masks are interfering with facial vision. How do we use echolocation and facial vision in normal times?,[6:03].503

Once again no iOS Without the Eye this year,[14:43].227

Plenty of new information about what’s coming fromApple,[16:30].279

Listener reactions to Apple’s announcements,[40:21].412

Masks and blindness techniques,[45:02].747

Braille displays,[48:35].101

Castro questions and tips,[49:17].649

Listening to radio with your iPhone at sports events,[53:31].455

Origins of the Samsung TV voice,[56:19].248

Reassigning of the visual cortex in blind people,[56:55].981

Why does Narrator make using Braille so clunky?,[58:03].246

Cole Gleason joins us to talk about his new Twitter bot to make images accessible. Follow Cole on Twitter and read his paper that led to the creation of the bot,[1:01:54].915

Human Interface Driver for Braille,[1:17:42].066

What do iOS 14 audio changes mean for TeamTalk?,[1:18:14].135

Masks and echolocation,[1:19:00].164

RSS readers for windows, Qfeed from Get Accessible Apps,[1:19:40].865

Accessible podcast client for Windows, Qcast,[1:23:18].364

Best Twitter client for Windows? TWBlue,[1:25:17].912

Where do blindisms come from?,[1:26:22].800

Review of the Mantis Braille display from APH,[1:27:08].336

Hints on the QBraille from Hims,[1:31:05].219

RSS for Windows recommendation Luna,[1:32:35].531

WWDC thoughts,[1:33:12].144

Masks and blind people,[1:35:26].846

The Bonnie bulletin on our anniversary,[1:36:32].990

Bonnie’s view on latest Braille devices,[1:39:16].093

Sonos pros cons and alternatives,[1:42:51].822

Echolocation and facial vision,[1:53:16].418

Obtaining the Mantis internationally,[1:56:10].692

Leasey offers RSS for Windows and much more,[1:56:32].175

Using echolocation after being discouraged from doing so at school,[1:57:29].747

Sonic guide devices could help with social distancing,[2:01:57].757

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