Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.

Welcome to 280 [0:00]
Zoom improves accessibility of their H Essential Series [3:02]
It appears Sonos accessibility is about to experience a significant regression [6:00]
Mathieu Paquette from HumanWare talks Audible support for the Victor Reader Stream 3 and more new features [23:01]
A demonstration of Perplexity [1:01:48]
An Apple album purchase I can no longer play [1:21:41]
Thoughts on Glide [1:29:26]
NFB’s DeafBlind Division is looking for volunteer special service support providers [1:47:54]
Hetlioz and melatonin [1:51:04]
In search of a powerful, portable laptop [1:53:34]
Problems with the YouTube app are typical [1:56:59]
Closing and contact info [1:59:01]