Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.
Welcome to 247 [0:30]
Apple Event special coming up in episode 248 [3:24]
iOS 17 [5:22]
Lyft Driver advocating for service animal discrimination [9:15]
A litany of excuses for ACB still not being on Mastodon [13:15]
Looking for a stud finder [33:35]
For people who need technology assistance [34:19]
Bikes, iOS and rugby [36:17]
Drafts and the Sonos Roam [38:31].569
How easy is Face ID to use [42:21]
Recording your screen withVoiceOver speech in iOS [50:23]
Be my AI and favourite cane [57:11]
Sammy Sweet Spirit discusses her book, Look at it this way [1:03:58]
Closing and contact info [1:59:01]