Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.

Welcome to 265 [0:00]
Advocacy comments in episode 263 [5:10]
Two users of Framework computers comment on their experiences [14:46]
Inaccessible date pickers on travel agency websites [27:28]
Using Emoji on Mac and Windows [31:29]
What are accessible options for those interested in crypto currency? [39:11]
Samsung Accessibility uses Audio-eye [41:41]
Questions about the iOS health app and the need for an Apple Watch [42:19]
Blind people generating images with AI [49:39], all the subscriptions, and improvements in mainstream gaming [55:53]
Shubh Mittal tells us about the Seleste Glasses [1:02:27]
Feedback on the Seleste Glasses, and a Minecraft accessibility mod [1:34:01]
Wanting to learn more about multiline Braille displays [1:37:48]
How can I advocate to save Gmail’s basic HTML? [1:39:20]
Volunteering to be in a Be My Eyes group gives people more than they bargained for [1:41:50]
Update on new guide dogt and technology for developing countries [1:44:21]
Problem with my iPhone SE [1:51:59]
Sound on my Dell computer [1:54:27]
Blindness terminology and new iPhone 15 [1:55:59]
Closing and contact info [1:59:24]