Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.

Welcome to 257 [0:00]
Comments about the Victor Reader Stream 3 [1:50]
A thorough description of the Beatles’ Now and Then music video [6:03]
Read the description here.
New bug in the iOS weather app [7:56]
Apple developer calls for boycott of Apple’s Feedback Assistant [8:53]
Inaccessible appliances [15:35]
iOS Personal Voice [18:33]
All the light we cannot see on Netflix [26:00]
Voice feedback during Apple Watch workouts [29:00]
A book recommendation and tactile graphics array [32:41]
iOS View Finder not multilingual, and ZoomPodtrak P4 [36:36]
Determining the orientation of a printed page with iPhone [38:25]
Sharesies accessibility issues [40:05]
Bird buddy [42:26]
Hand gestures on Apple Watch [47:40]
Bose versus Sonos [48:26]
Trouble reading Kindle books inBraille on my iPhone [51:59]
More positive feedback on the HeardThat app [55:32]
Introduction to the review of the Audient Evo 16 [59:27]
Evo 16 orientation [1:05:11]
Smartgain is an accessible way to set your levels [1:08:34]
Evo in the Windows System Tray [1:11:23]
The Evo Mixer [1:16:01]
System Panel [1:32:41]
The accessible clipping indicator [1:37:34]
Conclusion [1:38:29]
Trouble using a wireless mic with my iPhone [1:39:28]
Contacting the developer of Mona for Mastodon [1:42:32]
The Bonnie Bulletin [1:44:21]
Closing and contact info [1:55:01].504