Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.

Predicting the future is a dangerous thing [0:00]
Welcome to 253 [1:46]
Revisiting area code 250 yet again [2:43]
SensePlayer email list and an open letter [6:43]. You can read and sign the open letter here.
Comments on episode 252 [8:07]
iOS 17 [14:42]
Introduction to the Centrance PortCaster review [21:39]
First impressions of build quality, and purpose of the product [22:52]
Description of the Centrance PivotMic PM1 [30:55]
Preparing an SD card for use in the PortCaster [33:19]
Orientation to the device [35:46]
Bringing a FaceTime audio call into the recording [49:16]
A few mic facts [51:18]
Pros, cons, comparisons [53:39]
A chat with CEO and founder of Centrance, Michael Goodman [1:05:41]
Streaming web radio links on Chromecast [1:38:52]
Changing the Google Home voice through the Assistant app [1:40:31]
The HeardThat app [1:44:17]
Comments on episode 249 [1:47:34]
Using the BrailleNote Touch Plus with NLS BARD [1:52:47]
Problem withVoice Dream Reader and Dropbox [1:53:55]
Be My AI is impressive [1:56:10]
Closing and contact info [2:00:10]