Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.

Welcome to Cabo Verde [0:58]
Interview with the creator of Drafts, Greg Pierce [2:26]
A Listner perspective on Drafts [37:38]
Jonathan Mosen’s Drafts review, introduction [48:17]
Demonstration of sending text to multiple places [52:14]
Exploring the screen [57:41]
The Drafts list [1:02:21]
Performing actions on multiple drafts [1:06:11]
Workspaces [1:08:56]
Navigation mode [1:18:57]
Options from the iOS Home Screen [1:22:25]
Dictating text [1:24:16]
Transcribing text [1:28:37]
Linking to another draft [1:29:18]
Creating a draft via the web [1:31:46]
Working with Actions [1:34:01]
Conclusion [2:29:32]
Audio demonstration from Wenwei Fisher [2:31:01]
Closing and contact info [2:36:55]