Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.
Welcome to 244 [0:30]
Thoughts on iOS 17 [1:48]
SensePlayer firmware 2.0 [23:28]
Correction regarding DCanes [34:54]
Hearing in noisy places [37:43]
Looking for a French discussion email list [45:14]
Hearing aid programme for blind Australians [49:32]
Mastodon updates [56:36]
Comments on Reaper, and notetakers [1:12:29]
Lack of support fromGoogle [1:20:38]
Accessibility testing [1:27:37]
Comments on episode 241 [1:34:48]
Here’s a link to the cane provider mentioned by this contributor.
Comments on the Activator [1:38:58]
The new Outlook for Windows [1:41:54]
Fiverr accessibility [1:44:31]
Using your iPhone to work with appliances [1:45:55]
The Optima [1:48:35]
Remembering old iPhone apps [1:50:03]
Comments on episode 243 [1:55:51]
Closing and contact info [1:59:40]