Hello Mosen at largers. Today we’re talking in part about a subject I knew would come up sooner or later – bullying both online and off. If this topic raises upsetting issues for you, you need not go through this by yourself. Depending on the nature of the bullying, you may have legal redress, you certainly don’t need to put up with it. Please seek appropriate assistance in your country. Bullying can happen to people who are even thought to be important or famous, and it can hurt you no matter who you are. We send love to everyone who has experienced this or is going through it, and especially Australian nine-year-old Quaden Bayles who is in the news this week.

Here’s what’s on the show.


“Listener comment, Amazon Echo having responsiveness issues”,[0:36].253

“Bullying, it’s everywhere, including in the blind community”,[4:21].388

The WeWalk Smart Cane sounds really cool. Anyone using it and how is it going?,[20:01].260

“Listener comment, Duck DuckGo’s Bang commands, alternative browsers toChrome, and iOS audio apps”,[21:55].416

Apple is offering a free replacement for XS and XS Max extended battery cases,[34:52].270

“Listener comment, Siri US election support, and voicemail providers”,[38:57].195

“Listener comment, annoyed by people who don’t correct dictation errors”,[42:26].996

Google in trouble for guessing where punctuation is needed in dictation,[44:21].166

“Listener comment, 1Password and good security in general”,[45:13].435

“Listener comment, cool collaboration with Microsoft Office, and removing clutter from websites”,[54:50].961

“Listener comment, the WeWalkSmart Cane”,[1:01:01].666

“The Bonnie Bulletin begins, the dreaded shingles, a listener relates”,[1:03:50].220

“Listener info, the story of Tom Dula”,[1:09:16].440

“Listener comment, the Blind Shell Classic smartphone, and there had better be peanut butter in heaven”,[1:12:34].096

“Listener question, being productive with Braille”,[1:18:25].078

“Listener question,Castro and protected feeds”,[1:21:45].326

“Listener comment, in praise of the Ulysses word processor for iOS”,[1:25:48].949

“Listener comment, setting up Waltr2 onWindows”,[1:26:33].028

“Listener question, customising iOS gestures”,[1:28:20].626

Cricket on the radio under threat in New Zealand,[1:29:30].794

“Listener comment, 1Password and gasslighting”,[1:31:40].071