Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.
Welcome to 228 [0:00]
Pneuma Solutions arrives on Mastodon [1:26]
A reality check on Bluesky [3:00]
Those dreadful e-scooters, a Canadian perspective [23:57]
the police’s engagement with blind people [35:37]
Jenny Axler from HIMS responds to recent feedback [39:21]
Extremely sluggish ZoomText [54:29]
Hints on NVDA and Braille [1:01:51]
Shelly Brisbin discusses her latest edition of iOS Access for All and Apple-related things [1:09:58]
The VarioUltra is still around [1:55:47]
M13 CHAP=Wanting recommendations for fitness resources for the blind [1:56:56]
Closing and contact info [2:00:44]