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Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.

Welcome Alabama,[0:00]

My most bizarre Windows experience ever,[0:57]

Audio description,[11:28]

New iPhone setup experience and iOS 16 thoughts,[24:31]

More on VoiceOver being extremely quiet on calls,[30:17]

New iPhone 14 doesn’t work with my hearing aids,[35:19]

VoiceOver focus issue affecting recent contacts causes embarrassment,[37:34]

Problem with Braille auto-panning in Apple Books,[47:31]

Treating your battery right can keep it healthy for a long time,[49:09]

Envision Smart Glasses feedback,[52:59]

Flip 4 and Android thoughts,[56:49]

The BlindShellClassic 2 and audiobooks,[1:09:24]

Positive news on a discrimination complaint,[1:39:58]

High Tech hot water bottle,[1:42:10]

Using the word sight when you actually mean blind,[1:43:14]

The Bonnie Bulletin. Should we go back after a discrimination

Closing and contact info,[2:00:37]