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Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.

Introduction to the Envision Smart Glasses,[0:00]

Learning the gestures,[8:07]

A quick tour of the Main Menu,[15:32]

The Read Menu,[17:03]

Reading printed mail,[19:48]

Out for a drive and off to the mall,[36:28]

Call an ally,[49:52]

Call and Aira agent,[1:00:12]

Describe Scene,[1:07:53]

Detect light,[1:12:00]

Recognise cash,[1:15:31]

Scan QR code,[1:18:07]

Detect Colours,[1:25:53]

Find objects,[1:27:04]

Find people,[1:29:57]


Device settings,[1:37:27]

Feature preferences,[1:51:54]



Closing and contact info,[2:09:20]