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Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.

Update on the We’re With U event,[0:00]

CapitalisingBraille when referring to the code,[5:25]

Looking for labelling tool recommendations,[13:16]

Best choices for computer security,[15:14]

Problems with iCloud for Windows,[20:10]

Radio station memories,[23:25]

I don’t like Menulog either,[52:10]

Why doesn’t iPhone make a sound when it starts?,[55:44]

Hints on how to perform a two-finger scrub,[57:21]

Thoughts on Android, computers and RealTek,[59:18]

Rebecca Blaevoet talks about being a candidate for Parliament inCanada’s recent
federal election,[1:06:50]

Looking for an accessible way to produce synchronised DAISY text and

The Zoom F3 and F6 digital recorders,[1:48:36]

Blindness, dark, fear,[1:50:25]

The Brailliant from HumanWare,[1:51:19]

What’s the most accessible crowd funding site?,[1:51:57]

Seeking a dictaphone that plays MP3 files,[1:53:07]

Closing and contact info,[1:54:21]