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On the show this week, there are some brave people out there already putting a very early version of iOS 18 to the test, with the first developer beta having been released earlier in the week. We’ll discuss some of the new features for VoiceOver users that have been discovered so far. If you’re running iOS 18, or you’re just interested in it, let us know what you like and whether you consider it to be a significant upgrade.

We’ll hear more listener feedback on grappling with lawyers who think that since you’re blind, you have no way of reading documents independently, and explore the problem that often, when you are visiting a lawyer, you’re doing so because you are under some stress. This only makes dealing with these problems worse.

The Bee Gees may have sung “it’s only words”, but oh boy, words can really get people going! Recently, Be My Eyes introduced an Inclusive Language Guide. It’s fair to say that one of our listeners is singularly unimpressed. We’ll go through this Language Guide, then speak with Bryan Bashin from Be My Eyes about why they decided to open this particular can of worms. We cover a wide range of issues including a lively discussion about why it is that an increasing number of blindness agencies are being led and controlled by sighted people in recent years, and what we need to do about it. Do you agree with the Language Guide and was it right for Be My Eyes to go public with it? I welcome your thoughts.


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