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On the show this week, we have a great range of listener perspectives on air travel around the world. It’s important to discuss when things don’t go well and how we improve that, but it’s equally important to keep a sense of perspective and discuss when things go well. You’ll hear a good balance this week, and if you’re inspired to share your own travel stories, you would be most welcome.

Voice Dream Reader agreed to preserve access to features loyal users have already paid for, while transitioning to a subscription model for future improvements. So how is that going? One listener has concerns. If you have subscribed, how are you feeling about the value you’re getting from your subscription at this stage?

I’ve been forecasting for some time that 2024 will be the year that Windows computers running ARM processors really take off. We’ve seen some announcements in the last few weeks from major players, including Microsoft, Lenovo, Samsung and HP. Finally, I feel like Windows computing has become exciting and cool again.

For some, knowing what computer to buy is a bamboozling process, with plenty of jargon and far too much choice. This week, I’ve asked Glen Gordon from Vispero, and father of JAWS for Windows, to come on the show and clearly explain what all the fuss is about. Who might want an ARM processor, and what benefits do they have on Windows? Who might consider avoiding them. We also have a discussion about another Windows feature that drives me batty, but am I being reckless?


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