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On the show this week, a rare opportunity to hear from one of the most influential people in the world when it comes to accessibility and disability inclusion. Jenny Lay-Flurrie is Microsoft’s Chief Accessibility Officer. She’s responsible for driving Microsoft’s vision and strategy to empower disabled people, both inside and outside the company. She also advocates for disability rights and inclusion on a global scale, working with governments, nonprofits, and other organizations to advance the cause. In this candid interview, we’ll discuss whether Microsoft sees a future for third-party screen readers, how blind people can influence the user experience of Microsoft’s products, why given all the technological advances is unemployment in our community still so stubbornly high, and of course there is plenty of talk about AI.

Jenny was one of several executives who recently proclaimed that accessibility is a fundamental human right. I agree, but it seems not every one in our blind community does. I have a story to relate about recent pushback on what to me is a straightforward and fundamental principle of universal accessibility, and what it says about not succumbing to the tyranny of low expectations.

Recently, a listener asked for more information about Matrix, an open protocol for messaging. Well, I’m pleased to say that after you’ve heard from our three contributors on this subject, you’ll be filled to the brim with knowledge on the subject.

We’ll also talk Sonos, iOS, grandparenting, Chromebooks and more.

All this in Living Blindfully 270. Our show is special because of all the contributions we receive from around the world, so don’t hesitate to be a part of it.