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On the show this week, they founded Envision together, but they’ve never appeared on the same podcast together until now. I speak with Karthik Mahadevan and Karthik Kannan about how they got together to create Envision, and what’s in store for Envision in the near future. They’ll discuss some new features that significantly enhances access to visual information, both through their glasses and app.

iOS 17.4 is out, and it’s a surprisingly big release for this stage of the cycle, due to the need for Apple to comply with the new Digital markets Act in Europe. I’ll explain how the iPhone experience will now be radically different depending on where in the world you live. And, sadly, there are more bugs to contend with for VoiceOver users.

It was a big week for JAWS this week, with a groundbreaking, AI-infused update giving its Picture Smart feature a boost. Now, screen reading can read highly visual information that’s on your screen, and the consequences are huge. I’ll demonstrate the feature and discuss some use cases.

We continue to remember David Holladay, and there are comments on the Deane Blazie interview and the new BT Speak product.


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