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On the show this week, those of us who use Zoom digital recorders in our content creation are familiar with the work-arounds that blind people have used for years. We might prepare a menu map which we consult when we want to change a setting. We may have some degree of accessibility if we pair the recorder with our phone’s and the recorder’s corresponding app. But none of it is as efficient or as complete as the experience a sighted person has. That all changes with the new Essential Series from Zoom, the H1Essential, H4Essential, and H6Essential. This is a massive breakthrough in the accessibility of pro-quality digital recorders. I speak with Samuel Greene, Zoom North America’s Director of Product Development and Customer Support. We talk extensively about the accessible spoken menus, the benefits of 32 bit float recording, and the different features of the three members of the Essential series. Stay tuned as a future episode will have comprehensive demos of all three recorders.

Do you get that sinking feeling every time you travel by air? One source of it is the horrible security screening procedures we sometimes are forced to endure. Yet at other times, you might have an experience that surprises and delights. So, why not tell us about your best and worst airline security experiences. A listener starts us off this week with hers and I look forward to learning about yours.

A blind parent has a thought-provoking question and I’m looking forward to how our community responds. If you’re a blind person sharing parental duties with a sighted spouse, how do you ensure you’re doing your fair share of the transportation?

We talk more about advocacy strategies and responsibilities, and a massive three-volume bio of Martin Luther King I read during my summer break has got me fired up about this.

There’s our usual smattering of iPhone-related comments, and we learn about one listener’s experience with some AI tools.

All this and much more in Living Blindfully 266. Our show is special because of all the contributions we receive from around the world, so don’t hesitate to be a part of it.