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Following concerns expressed by a listener in last week’s show about the third generation Victor Reader Stream, we hear more views from users around the world. You’re very welcome to share your feedback.

Many of us are feeling frustrated by the fact that we go to considerable efforts to produce quality bug reports for Apple, only to have the reports vanish into the Ether and for nothing to be done about them release after release. It’s become all too much for one third-party Apple developer, who is calling for a deliberate, systematic boycott of Apple’s Feedback Assistant until they get their act together. Do you think this approach will work? Will you join the boycott? Share your thoughts with our audience.

From audience to audient. It’s that time of year again where if you’re lucky, you could score yourself a sweet deal on some technology you’ve been wanting. So I thought it was a good time to bring you my demonstration and review of the audio interface I’ve been using in the Living Blindfully studio for the last few months, the Audient Evo 16. This is the best, most accessible audio interface I have ever worked with by some considerable margin. While the 16 may be overkill for many, it comes in smaller, more affordable sizes as well.

Since Twitter was renamed by X and many accessible options taken away, we might not have as many tweets in our lives as we used to. But are you still curious about what the bird is that’s tweeting outside your window? Bird Buddy can help, and Mike May brings us a demo.

And the big question from my mastodon this week, now that Bonnie Mosen is officially a New Zealander following her citizenship ceremony, can she talk like a Kiwi? Mastodon is issued the challenge, let’s see how Bonnie responds.


All this and much more in episode 257. The show thrives on your contributions, so do feel free to be in touch with your thoughts on these issues or anything new you want to raise.