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iOS 17 is likely to be out in under a month. So how’s it shaping up? Listeners comment on their experiences, both positive and not, as testing nears its end. And are we likely to see the critical Braille bugs addressed before public release?

Has SensePlayer taken a huge lead in the battle of the blindness media players? With one big update, you can do Skype, Zoom, Netflix and yes, they’ve got Audible working too. Listeners comment on their initial experiences.

Last week, we heard about iHeard, an app that makes bold promises about assisting people to hear in noisy environments. So how well does it work in the real world? I’ll share my experiences.

There’s plenty of Braille talk, including discussions about Activator and Optima.

Various competitors to Twitter have their moments in the sun, while Fediverse platforms like Mastodon continue to grow steadily as more people increasingly appreciate the value of taking social media out of the hands of big corporates with big algorithms. Those of us who were around then will remember how innovative the American Council of the Blind were during those pioneering days of Internet radio. So why, nine months after the big Twitter exodus began, are they still not on Mastodon, and what does this mean for the ability of an increasing number of members, who don’t use Twitter anymore, to hold them to account? I’ll discuss ACB’s Mastodon chain dragging and the fact that they’re not the only one to fail to respond to changing blindness social media trends.


All this and much more in episode 244 of Living Blindfully.