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On this week’s show, Mastodon continues to be the world’s fastest growing social network right now. In October 2022, it only had a million accounts registered. Now it’s closing in on its 12 millionth account. That’s remarkable growth. Nevertheless, there have been a few other options emerging to capitalise on the chaos at Twitter. One of them is BlueSky, a social network first proposed by one of Twitter’s co-founders, Jack Dorsey, in 2019. They’re using every old trick in the book. Making it seem attractive by restricting access and initially prioritising people with large follower counts, who can then praise this half-baked service and invite others. Another appalling and familiar trick they’re using is to claim ownership of your content. So this week, I’m going to talk very frankly about BlueSky, and my earnest hope that we don’t put all the gains we’ve made over the last few months at risk.

There’s some great discussion this week about how it’s possible to take on the big e-scooter corporate lobbyists and win. Maybe you can pick up some advocacy tips that will assist you with your own efforts for pedestrian safety.

Jenny Axler from HIMS responds to recent feedback about SensePlayer and offers her views on effective advocacy to tech companies.

It’s always a pleasure to talk with the knowledgeable and interesting Shelly Brisbin. Yet another edition of her popular book, “iOS Access for All” is out. We’ll talk about that, plus the current state of Apple Accessibility ahead of Global Accessibility Awareness day next week.

All this and much more coming up this week on Living Blindfully.