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Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.


Father’s Day,[2:15]

Special podcast devoted to audiobooks coming out mid-week,[2:45]

Anyone using the Orbit Writer?,[3:54]

Horrible CAPTCHA,[5:56]

CD ripper recommendations,[11:12]

DVD ripping recommendations and video editing,[14:21]

Most accessible email newsletter software,[15:16]

WordPress accessibility,[17:22]

Google listens, a positive accessibility experience,[20:09]

Braille magazine memories,[25:20]

Amazon accessibility issue that was fixed is now broken again, and no one seem
to be listening”,[25:58]

How does a blind person handle artwork when establishing a podcast?,[30:57]

A lost technology story dramatised for podcast by Jonathan Mosen,[35:00]

JAWS BrailleIn,[36:54]

Are QR codes excluding us from accessing some services?,[39:24]

Accessible Samsung TV,[45:18]

Is there anything you can do to get an app from your old iPhone to your new one
when the app is no longer in the Store?,[46:49]

BackPackStudio has a big update in the Store,[52:10]

Low-tech ideas for functioning in the kitchen and the need for Braille labels on
commercial items,[53:18]

Good Maps Explorer is in the US AppStore,[1:01:44]

Bleeping Facebook,[1:04:39]

Thoughts on various topics raised on previous shows,[1:06:57]

Which iPhone should I get?,[1:16:04]

Another walk down technology memory lane,[1:18:00]

Good zoom practices and Zoom adds a high fidelity option,[1:28:49]

How do you get Cortana to talk to Gmail?,[1:31:12]

Can I be a fluent Braille reader if I start in my 50s?,[1:34:27]

The Envision smart glasses show a lot of promise,[1:37:48]