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Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.


COVID in New Zealand,[2:15]

Bad tech karma leads to new computer,[9:45]

More bad tech karma from India,[18:19]

More on whether you’d choose your computer or smartphone,[22:20]

COVID-19 reports,[31:59]

Favourite GPS apps,[38:05]

Is it now harder to sync Audible books from your PC to a device?,[51:48]

An update from Guernsey,[55:28]

The latest developer beta build of watchOS was knowingly released with VoiceOver

Facial vision and a funny dog story,[1:16:33]

Sky Lab keeps falling on my head,[1:20:55]

Bonnie and Jonathan face off in the Blind Technology Trivia Alexa

Podcasting thoughts,[1:32:41]

The importance of spell checking,[1:43:00]

computer versus smartphone and self-advocacy,[1:45:05]

Setting up computer without sighted assistance,[1:48:24]

Techniques for taking notes with your iPhone,[1:50:21]