Kia ora Mosen At largers. Thank you for your wonderful contributions which make the show what it is. Don’t be shy, feel free to have your say. There are a few things in this episode you may have an opinion about.

Here’s a list of topics discussed and when we discuss them. Remember, if you use a podcast client that supports chapters, you can skip easily between segments.


One active case of COVID-19 left in the whole of New Zealand,[1:05].652

Robert J Sawyer has a new book The Oppenheimer Alternative,[2:37].329

Apple fixed its app running bug with a massive number of reissues,[4:52].925

Rumours Apple is going to produce a portless iPhone,[7:39].198

Popular BBC radio drama The Archers is back but not as we know it,[11:31].256

Google Keep and other apps to maintain lists across platforms,[13:15].090

Transferring content between two people’s iPhones,[15:45].009

Should I make the switch to Android?,[19:59].806

hearing aids and experience with handytech Braille displays,[23:22].870

Do you have the brand new Windows 10 yet?,[27:33].668

Talking clock memories and are wireless chargers really worth the bother?,[33:12].174

Windows 10 built-in voices are yuck,[37:49].981

Talking clock demo and living in New Zealand rocks,[39:49].858

wireless charging and portless iPhones,[42:54].502

The Tiffany Report on socialising via Zoom and balancing audio between Zoom and JAWS,[44:40].900

External microphones for an iPhone and what the soup is a dongle anyway?,[51:59].048

Book recommendation Rodham by Curtis Sittenfeld,[1:00:24].995

A demonstration of that classic Sharp talking clock calculator,[1:03:09].220

The Samson Q2U dynamic microphone,[1:07:29].757

The benefits of Windows 10 default audio device behaviour,[1:09:01].733

Looking for weather apps and skills recommendations,[1:09:55].370

Thanks to this podcast I got a mixer and love it,[1:13:10].783

If you don’t have the 18 watt Apple Charging brick you should grab one,[1:16:07].775

Can no longer use the track slider in YouTube for iOS,[1:17:03].656

Mosen At Large is on YouTube and live for 3 hours each week on Mushroom FM,[1:19:31].948