Kia ora Mosen at largers. We trust you’re keeping safe and well, both physically and mentally. At this time where we all need connection, it’s a bumper podcast episode for you this week, full of listener contributions.

Sonos move experiences,[1:05].481

COVID-19 and the uncertain science of face covering for members of the public,[2:24].783

How is the iPhone SE 2 working out?,[9:15].250

More trouble with Samsung devices,[11:04].690

Advice from the Scottish Government on protective covering for the public and COVID-19,[12:42].740

More iPhone SE 2 feedback,[16:26].573

Audio processing on Mushroom FM,[17:21].644

Is there an alternative to Apple’s discontinued Cards app?,[19:07].651

YouTube Music on Sonos,[20:47].817

Blind people and crypto currency,[22:02].081

More on the Zoom F6 digital recorder,[23:28].874

Success with Braille Screen Input on a Samsung device and question about Braille input on a PC,[29:42].255

Zoom Cloud Meetings questions,[32:11].663

iPhone SE 2 thoughts and envy in the blind community,[36:26].381

More on Zoom Cloud Meetings,[43:53].133

Granular control of different iOS volumes,[45:03].552

The cloud meeting space is really heating up,[49:01].190

Notetakers versus a Braille display and an iPhone,[54:27].150

Question about places where blind people can meet during COVID-19,[1:02:53].178

Notetakers versus a Braille display and iPhone,[1:04:27].788

Michael Feir talks about his book Personal Power iOS edition,[1:05:06].043

Talk stations in New Zealand,[1:11:00].291

Phone Soap poor customer experience,[1:12:14].328

Migrating data from one iPhone to another,[1:15:08].999

The Bonnie Bulletin begins with a COVID-19 update,[1:16:20].652

Bonnie’s take on notetakers versus an iPhone with a Braille display,[1:21:19].643

A request for a stereophonic Bonnie Bulletin,[1:22:52].706

The iOS Camera Adapter kit,[1:23:14].840

Reading Recommendation The Chronicles of St. Mary’s by Jodi Taylor,[1:25:25].999

Microsoft Word 365 dictation is worth checking out,[1:29:03].604

Thankfully Microsoft Word is now flagging two spaces after a period/full stop as an error,[1:29:44].876

Michael Feir’s book and a new version of Ulysses for iOS and Mac,[1:31:47].075

Exciting updates coming for Sonos,[1:32:39].819

Tipping in the US versus New Zealand,[1:35:27].555

Blind people in Hong Kong advocating for more accessible media apps,[1:42:34].615

National Braille Press has some free kids’ books to give away,[1:44:32].848

British blind man says people are being judgmental about blind people during COVID-19,[1:45:30].443

InstaCart and comments on tipping in America,[1:47:31].566

Mike Feir’s Book Personal Power iOS Edition,[1:49:18].843

iPhone SE 2,[1:51:32].013

Ways for blind people to connect during COVID-19,[1:52:03].430