Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.

Welcome to 290 [0:00]
Living Blindfully has a WhatsApp Announcements Channel [1:22]
Facebook hallucination [6:46]
The Be My Eyes Inclusive Language Guide [9:05]
X for iOS is accessible again [32:37]
Workaround for clipped audio announcements with some Bluetooth headphones [33:07]
Accessibility of parkinson’s pumps and other medical devices [35:01]
Demonstration and review of the Todoist task management software [43:13]
Todoist terminology [47:38]
Exploring Todoist for iOS [49:13]
Searching for a task [1:09:11]
Todoist and Fantastical [1:11:39]
Todoist and Drafts [1:16:24]
Working with Todoist for Windows [1:21:45]
Extensions for Windows browsers [1:30:23]
Todoist and AI [1:31:15]
Forwarding email to Todoist [1:32:18]
Microsoft Outlook integration [1:34:19]
Pricing and closing thoughts [1:35:26]
Scanning QR codes and airline travel [1:37:59]
Windows 11 Bitlocker concerns [1:42:54]
Looking for a JAWS scripter [1:44:08]
Sonos [1:48:05]
Horizon IX hearing aids [1:49:54]
iOS 18 [1:51:33]
Thermomix becoming inaccessible [1:53:16]
Getting the Meta Smart Glasses paired with iPhone [1:57:00]
Closing and contact info [2:00:19]

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