Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.

Welcome to 252 [0:00]
Correcting the record about area code 250 [1:32]
My pick for speaker [2:17]
Taking on an additional role [3:08]
New Zealanders are voting in the general election. Here’s how we do it [4:39]
iOS 17 [12:45]
Why waste money on a pro iPhone when you’re blind? [19:14]
My new iPhone is really hot, and not in a good way [37:11]
iOS 17 handwriting still problematic [39:07]
Moving apps around in iOS 17 is a drag [43:07]
Classifying USB audio devices in iOS 17.1 [45:55]
I just switched back from Android to iOS. Here’s what I think [50:47]
The new iOS default notification sound is horrible [54:35]
Finding a person when you both have iPhone 15 devices [58:42]
Mac versus PC [1:01:23]
Demonstration of RSS Reader for Windows [1:14:00]
Working with a guide dog [1:27:23]
Living with blindness and other impairments [1:45:40]
Front porch security [1:51:54]
Sounds that make me feel weird [1:54:24]
Closing and contact info [1:57:51]