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Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.

I ordered the AirTags but have one little gripe,[0:26]
Mosen At Large to offer transcripts for the Deafblind community,[2:50]. For more information, please read this blog post, and feel free to share it widely, thank you.
TheBonnie Bulletin begins our review of the Sonos Roam,[10:20]
Unboxing the Sonos Roam,[12:41]
Orientation to the Sonos Roam,[16:44]
Setting up the Sonos Roam,[17:53]
Adding a voice assistant to the Sonos Roam,[31:52]
Exploring other Sonos Roam settings,[37:44]
Using the Sonos Roam as a Bluetooth speaker,[44:22]
Demonstration of Sound Swap on the Sonos Roam,[46:27]
Using Sonos Roam as an AirPlay speaker,[49:08]
Specs and final thoughts on the Sonos Roam,[51:24]
New Zealand’s public broadcaster comments on ableist language,[58:11]
Thoughts on text-to-speech engines,[1:16:03]
Ableist language spans more than English, TTS thoughts,[1:22:34]
More on understanding cursors in Apple land,[1:27:48]