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Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.
Intro and Apple reaching a major podcast milestone,[0:00]
New initiatives on Clubhouse and elsewhere for blind podcast creators,[2:03]
A prominent member of our community is having a cochlea implant,[8:19]
Reactions to the idea of a blind culture,[30:52]
HBO Max has audio description but there’s a catch,[1:04:31]
Dating when blind,[1:06:08]
Comments on AccessiBe,[1:29:42]
Article on the dangers of free assistive technology?,[1:35:26]
What are people’s experiences withOrcam?,[1:38:28]
Podcasts with VLC,[1:40:04]
The Bonnie Bulletin with a good old daylight saving rant,[1:42:07]
We went to the symphony concert and enjoyed another guide dog refusal fromUber,[1:49:51]
Disabled New Zealanders marched on Parliament this week,[1:53:10]
Closing and contact info,[2:00:09]
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